Hello I am The Story Pilgrim.  I am blessed I live in a place where the sky is always in conversation with the landscape.   A place where every hill, river and stone has a story. 

The legend of the leprechaun is so much a part of Irish folklore Legends are formed by the telling of the story until it becomes rooted in time.  Apparently the leprechaun can be traced back to eighth-century tales of water spirits called "luchorpán," meaning small body.  I invite you to listen to my own self-penned cautionary tale - McGonigle. 

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Currently, I live in Skibbereen.  It is the way of the pilgrim to be on a  journey so it is probable I may move again.  Skibbereen has many stories deep in its bones.  Skibbereen suffered badly during An Gorta Mor, the Great Hunger which caused many people to die and emigrate.

A story is a gift - not a performance to be judged but a treasure to be passed on. 

                          Joel ben Izzy.

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