Words are like footprints both take you on a journey

Stories are much more than Once Upon A Time, stories assist us to make sense of our lives.   Moreover, stories can transform our         communities and they can propel healing.  The beauty of story is that it never dictates, it enchants, informs and suggests allowing the listener to make up their own mind.   

 I joined a meeting of LDComics and I fell under the spell so for a season I am taking time out to pursue  comic art .

My repertoire includes Myths and Legends,  Stories from the Irish Four Cycles, Tales from the Celtic Lands,  Folk Tales, Children's Tales, Fantasy,  and contemporary new tales which I hope to bring into comics..


Member of Storytellers of Ireland and Cork Yarnspinners

Studying oral storytelling at The Roundhouse Storytelling School, Edinburgh. 

MA Digital Arts in the Humanities

MA Community Education, Equality and Social Activism

Post Grad in Innovation, Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Skills

Hons Degree in Youth and Community

Favourite Authors 

Neil Gaiman,  Anne Cleeves

Favourite Illustrator

Colleen Doran

Favourite Books

Fiction -   Scotland Street Series and Vera

 Non- Fiction -  Women Who Run With The Wolves,  Understand Comics, Quiet, Made In His Image

Favourite Singers

Stevie Nicks and Eivor






How I became a storyteller

Stories Found Me.